by Christopher J Patton


When comes the Kingdom fair,
I hope that you’ll be there.

‘Twill be a joyous affair
With healing waters the sick land to repair –
Those wondrous waters that will flow from His chair
When once imprisoned is the destroyer, evil, prince of yinyang air.

No more war.
No more tears.
No more years of hopeless fears,

Peace between the children of Abram, Egypt, Assyria, and Israel:
Three pillars to reach across the old ways, a bridge
To speed God’s truth, a highway paved
To lead all nations to His City – New Jerusalem,
A Bride so pretty, born of grace, clothed in love of a purity
That comes of Godly beauty,

Divine eternity
Present forever.

Live it now, this life forever,
Granted us, begun, by His great favor,
In holiness, in promises made to each and all, sure.
Trust them Israel.
Trust Him, O church.
Soon He comes to shake what’s loose –
A final remnant, truth’s caboose;
For the rest there’s set a noose
To snare those yet so unaware and unknowingly their Creator,
Yahveh, Husband, the risen LORD of Israel who’s
Born again for His Bride and Body,
The New Creation promised, redeemed, and spoken for.

A wondrous world will soon appear,
But first, we must, shed a flow of tears
Over trials sore poured upon all flesh,
While yet Destoyer’s left to thresh

Those are spared who do despair and so prepare
To meet Him where, ‘ere He’ll be
In the air, we’ll see,
When called by the sound of the shofar………….

Left behind may yet still find, His grace
To finish life’s race

The tithe who survive, shall greet Him alive,
Despite His glory, they’ll see their salvation, once gory
Now mighty, telling again the old, old story
Of God’s great love for all who receive Him



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