Temporal Life Force or Eternal Life -

The Binary Mathematics of the Universe


The Digital DecisionSpirituality is not emotionalism. The practice of true spirituality creates a person's particularly individual human identity. One's ultimate, eternal identity within corruptible love is forged within the context of encountered ultimate reality. Our mortal powers and opportunities of decision shape the journey traveled, the lessons learned and the sorrowed beauty of mortality transformed within a righteous context of eternally omnipotent love, as defined by the First Mover, the Artistic Source and Creator beyond any one person's present conception. God dwells in neither box nor church but is evidenced in nature.

Real metaphysical powers generate and sustain the physical universe through natural forces and laws as studied in natural science. Thus, the keys to understanding the metaphysical are found in physical nature. A digital approach to Natural Spirituality opens the door to a more balanced scientific inquiry into the big questions of human life, the environment, social justice, faith and the future of humanity. Observation and decision command the keys to understanding man-made, artificial reality as well as defining a person's identity within the immanent ultimate reality inhabiting eternity. Objectively honest science is thus more reliable than traditional theology.

Innately congruent creativity expresses who we are as persons. The imaginative production of concepts, plans, philosophies, undertakings or projects do not necessarily connect to, nor are they based upon, physical reality. Societies collectively execute cultural constructs that adapt to, modify and exploit the natural environment. Thus, western civilization is an artificial (i.e. man-made) reality, made possible and supported by purposefully forced (or robbed) energy concentration, which upon purposed application creates genuine but relative cultural realities. The sustainability of any artificial reality is a function of its external energy requirements: every artificial reality ultimately collapses when the the energy required to sustain it falls short.

Artificial constructs collapse when they become too far removed from natural reality. Most sociopolitical artificial realities progress in complexity to where they require excessive external energy inputs for their support. History and archaeology witness the eventual, virtually universal collapse of humanly created realities at some point in time due to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is the functional philosophical dynamic behind economic bubbles, for example. Thus, the appearance of Fibonacci numbers in economic and other social models of analysis is not surprising.

Ultimately, Globalism will prove to be the biggest bubble of human history because it is founded on materialist objectives contrary to Natural Spirituality. Materialism does not satisfy or inspire the development of a person's uniquely creative identity. If it did, we would not be experiencing epidemic plagues of chemical, sexual and psychological addictions. Globalism will not deliver on its promise of world peace due to increased prosperity through international trade. Rather, present economic behaviors will lead to a global crisis of such proportions that the survival of the planet will be in doubt because the spiritual forces behind globalism seek to obliterate the precious lives and identities of each human being.

Welcome to my web site. In it I share my thoughts and observations about the world we live in and why it is the way it is. I have four books in varying stages of development, some poetry and articles here to read and download for free.

  1. digital spirituality, The Search for Spirituality Amidst the Artificial Realities of Global Materialism

    Explores the nature of global materialism, artificial (man-made) reality and ultimate (eternal) reality as perceived from the philosophical perspective of natural spirituality. Insights from social and physical science are examined as experienced by humanity. Then, I discuss what the Bible reveals about natural spirituality and its relationship to eternal transcendence without a pre-determined bias in favor of established religious belief systems using a non-traditional approach.

  2. Citizenship of a Higher Order

    Contains an collection of articles that will be built into a book examining the issues of war and peace, nonviolence, and one's relationship to the political entities of this age and the next. Special attention is paid to Middle East peace and the people of Israel as well as misunderstood biblical covenants, priorities and promises.

  3. God is Not a Slot Machine

  4. This book is written to answer sincere questions about the Bible and the practice of tithes and offerings. Many teach that tithing is a law of God and/or that to give less than 10% is a sin. The book discusses financial issue of tithes and giving within the context of ancient Israel's priestly administration, obligations of the believer and covenant promises.

    We live in a society that evaluates life from the perspective of material wealth for its own sake. Popular culture considers anything bordering on being legal that produces lottery-like payouts is good. This something-for-next-to-nothing attitude affects almost all of us to one degree or another.

  5. Mission of ONE, Unleashing the Power of God in the Twenty-first Century

    Tries to answer why modern Christian religion seems so impotent by developing key biblical themes from a new perspective of ONEness in the relationship of the believer to God and the faith community. This book encourages the reader to have faith in the fact that his or her life truly given to God without regret, condition or other quid pro quo will be directed by Him in fulfillment of His covenanted promises as announced in the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Failure to Solve Social Problems

Throughout human history, religious oppression has cyclically combined with advances in technology to oppress the bulk of humanity. Today is no different. Global materialism presents a commodified, cost basis analysis outlook on life. The result is spiritually blind and confused public policy expressed through enforced social programs. Governments strategically err in basing their attempts to solve societal and personal problems on materialistically driven principles.

Tactically, most social programs work against Natural Spirituality, which means that they require unsustainably large amounts of wealth to operate. Heavy concentrations of wealth power distort material reality for a time but inevitably collapse with terrible social and spiritual consequences. Strategically, the source of social problems should be sought in the spiritual dimension and tactically administered in everyday life according to a manner that aligns with revealed spiritual laws and supported by the massive but subtle energies of Natural Spirituality.

This is why ever increasing government budgets fail to improve the education of youth, foster stronger families, improve health across society, engender economic wealth or bring us closer to world peace. Throwing more dollars and secular exclusive "education" at our personal and public problems will at best provide only temporary relief to a few superficial symptoms of what really plagues humanity because by nature all material solutions purposely avoid the spiritual causes of the problems that drive us to look for answers to begin with.

Consequently, human history surfeits with misery from the power-greedy who have oppressed millions of peoples around the world. The whole creation groans from the effects of an endless war between the powers of good and evil, although both draw on the same spiritual life force.

Ignorance and Spiritual Confusion

Humanity is being crushed by our ignorance about spiritual matters - how they relate to tangible life and how to access the ultimate spiritual power of transcendent love to escape the endless cycles of strife and struggle to survive. It almost seems as if the path to transcendent identity creation - as an integral quality of Ultimate Life Inherently Existent in itself - has been purposely obscured. To us humans, the spiritual world comes across as frustratingly ethereal and ineffable. Instead of concrete answers to difficult problems, we encounter the irrational puffs of poets, problematic parables of eternal truths, almost miraculous occasions of faithful love and, at times, the harsh consequences of holy justice.

Our universe throbs with hidden powers and forces. Scientists search for cosmic glue, echoes of the Big Bang, and the negative evidences of dark energy or antimatter, yet we live in an age preoccupied with materialistic values and bias. This bias is so strong that we fail to notice how materialism fails us both as individuals and as a civilization.

Most people yearn for metaphysical powers to meet human needs and hopes. From ancient times mystics and gurus, sages and shamans, priests and prophets have looked into the depths of the psyche, soul and physical structure of the human being in their search for spiritual answers. The bounds of this search span millennia and have probed to the farthest depths of the universe.

This site proposes a binary mathematics approach to the artificial realities of human societies and individual identity as a path towards an increased understanding of eternally true spirituality, which is ultimate reality. This approach provides valuable insights, but not all the answers, to the mysteries of various metaphysical manifestations that humans have experienced and reported. It explains the underlying nature and significance of chi, prana – the spirit of the life force that empowers the yin and yang, light and dark, hot and cold, male and female forces of nature. Many of the spiritual paths talk of this power and teach the mysteries of its mastery, but none reveal its origins and illusory nature nor its masquerade as God's Holy Spirit. 

I hope that you will find some answers ancient about life divine and demons destructive. These pages provide keys to loving identity transformation. They also include prophesied sorrows and promised hopes secure in evidences openly manifested, - once one's eyes are opened and the heart is humbled in awesome impotence. Perhaps you will discover how the dark voids of a vanquished victim may become consumed in a psychological death suffused by the blinding light of eternal love's invincible victory uniquely expressed in your own life and being.

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