What is digital spirituality?

The power of a person lies in his/her decision.


Besides satisfying natural curiosity, digital spirituality provides a model of understanding ultimate reality that works. It enables us to search out that which is scientifically unsearchable as well as provide pragmatic guidance in day-to-day decisions. We are better equipped to engage Ultimate Reality despite knowing that our understanding is by design incomplete and our lives dependant on forces outside of our total control because we die. The conscious experience of personal life within the context of total human experience reveals this latter fact in the contemplation of our mortality. It is potentially a good thing if properly embraced by our decisions to choose life in the hope of attaining the transcendent consciousness of an eternally creative identity within the context of unconditional love, which is the ultimate and only sustainable joy couched in deepest peace.

Digital Decisions

Digital decision-making is designed into the fabric of the universe. By being alive you have no choice but to participate consciously or by passively reactive default. How you participate in the process determines whether your life is delimited to one of the enslaved paths to destruction or whether you create an eternal identity of elevated liberty in love. You must take responsibility for your decision making process. If you don’t, the decisions made for you portend to eventual destruction, only delayed and temporarily detoured, if at all, by your desperate reaction to circumstances as a result of a brief realization of what is happening.

Those delays and detours are reminders that you could more directly participate in the process of temporal life through the exercise of your consciously creative power of decision. It is the most powerful tool of ultimate reality and goes hand-in-hand with faith, which is to act on your decision in hope of success. It is the creation of a potent temporal reality by imagination that is both fulfilled in matter within the context of time and space as well as contributing to a unique expression of ultimate reality, a part of eternity.

In simplest terms, it is a choice of life or death, being or non-being, light or darkness. digital spirituality is a guidance process to make more good decisions than bad ones, to choose a liberty of faith instead of the chains of fear, to substitute an experience of life more aligned with ultimate reality by recognizing the deceits and desires of all the many artificial realities present in human social, economic, religious and political systems as well as those that lie between our own ears. (Yes, mine, too!) Some gaping pits in the road of life may indeed be avoided, though it seems that we must all fall into some of them in order to learn anything of deep spiritual value.

It is not possible to eliminate all artificial realities from our consciousness (awareness) and belief systems in this life, but the goal of digital spirituality is to come as close as possible to doing so with the recognition that our decision paths in the journey towards ultimate reality is by design and purpose a bit different for each person’s experience in the material dimension. This means that the search’s scenery will be a bit different from each other. We are not to judge but to help and encourage one another. God does judge, and the gates to ultimate reality are narrow. Fortunately, humble persons of spiritual potency are smaller still. In the meantime, we can choose to build a parallel metaphysical paradigm with eternal consequences to how this life is experienced in the flesh instead of merely suffering the wretched consequences of failed societies or cultural systems even though we ourselves have lived lives of natural spiritual balance.

Let me try to illustrate this concept with an imperfect analogy. If the ocean is the life force, we want to surf it at its crest all the way into shore. We do not want to hold back and do nothing until we tire and sink to the bottom of the bay to be rolled onto the shore drowned dead. We do not want to experience an over concentrated energy of the wave so that we are pounded into the surf when it breaks apart, as all artificial realities built out of unsustainably imbalanced concentrations of energy do. By riding the crest of the surf, we have learned necessary skills and go with the flow plus, that is we are not floating the waves waiting but have seized the opportunity decisively and added energy of our own to catch the ride provided by the natural, or perhaps social, forces around us.

Of course, no one catches the first crest that comes by successfully. Learning requires repeated conscious effort through multiple failures until some success is attained. Catching and mounting a wave does not preclude additional falling off before reaching the shore. Some fall soon after a bit of success, and some may be brutal. The important thing is to get up quickly and not just sink in despair trying to figure out the failure too deeply. Figure it out while getting up lest you miss the crest just behind you. Good waves come in cycles. Too much time lost in feeling too tired from self-doubt could result in being swept towards the shore by the currents of life and caught unawares by a tumbled demise. Obviously, the closer to shore when you fall, the more quick of a recovery is required, but even that is possible so that the ride in can end riding the crest of the wave instead of being crushed by it. Every successful surfer falls many times. Some of my own falls have been very brutal. I don’t totally forget them, but I decide to put them out of my mind replacing them with present focus on the coming waves and catching one lest I get hit from behind unknowing or swept crashed upon shore because I waited too long for the perfect wave. We do not all catch the same wave, and the perfect wave for each of us is the one we catch and ride successfully to shore, heads and bodies above water.

The truth is that the ocean we smell, see, feel, hear and taste is only part of reality’s picture. The parallel ocean of ultimate reality surges around us concurrently. Somehow it affects the waves we deal with sensually. Our interaction with the ocean we know materially has implications for the one we cannot directly sense, yet we cannot choose to remain ignorant of it without suffering the consequences. We can ride the fleshly felt waves to shore and still be tumbled by the crushing surf of ultimate reality at the end. It is a different kind of ride not fully visible now, and not even seen by others on reaching the shore.

The truth is that we will not really know if we have caught the ultimate reality wave along with the natural one until we hit the shore. If we have, then its crest will carry us out of others’ sight or sound, over the shore and sand hills and even the mountains reaching to heaven. The two are parallel, and the latter more consequential than the former. As you have probably heard before, the power of ultimate spiritual reality is evidenced only by its secondary by-products, as a strong wind blows leaves through the air. We can see the leaves but not the wind.

The tricky part is that you can buy a leaf blower to make those leaves fly, too. There are a great variety of leaf blowers for sale and even more already in use by others. You do not need to buy one for yourself. Most people just feel the secondhand wind of someone else’s blower. Some of these artful leaf movers are so beautiful that people just sit sensing the awesome breeze in mistaken wonder, not seeing that they are mere fans instead of the true wind. That is what artificial reality is all about: it deceives by imitating the visible manifestations or behaviors. The clue to knowing which is which lies in the nature of the price paid.

More technically phrased, digital spirituality is the binary mathematics for the metaphysical dimension of the universe as applied in the material world. In other words, all spiritual disciplines and phenomena can be understood to reflect either a "yes" or "no" event, state or condition. Thus, all paranormal and traditional spirituality can be simplified into phenomenal components defined by combinations of these "Yes" and "No" elements. I have yet to find a psychology, religion, morality, philosophy or other "spiritual" manifestation that does not yield itself open to better understanding by applying systems approach of digital spirituality to its functional performance and essential essence of being.

Since we cannot totally trust to our own sensibilities in perceiving and understanding spiritual realities, we need a reliable and objective source of guidance t help us. If an honest and truly genuine metaphysical guide, it will itself be subject to multiple comprehensions that will differ from person to person and yet provide tools to help minimize self-deception as well powerful guideposts through the maze of decision-making called life. When examined with the eyes of broadest human experience and knowledge, it will provide the required basis for making right decisions that consistently trend toward life and the perfect ideals of ultimate reality that Plato and other great philosophers have discussed. Every person faces the intangible challenges of a chaotic cosmos of competing claims or manifestations of spirituality and a spirit world too potent to trust on our own wits and abilities.

Thus, I have come to regard the Bible, attestable by archaeology to be the oldest and most dependable spiritual book in the world. It is confident of its Word and invites each of us to test it. Furthermore, it is the only one to speak authoritatively from beyond the grave promising eternal life and even into the future through its chief spokesperson, Jesus – Yeshua in the Hebrew. To those who seek it honestly in faith, the Bible promises a consciously dynamic eternity as yourself transformed into an identity who is the uniquely creative expression of unconditional love. These divine guarantees are given through covenant agreements originating and empowered by a Creator God so that our success is not limited by our own inabilities and weaknesses.

The physical universe extends into the metaphysical realm as one fabric of reality or ultimate truth. Only reality’s material dimension can be explored by science because scientific instruments cannot detect or measure the spiritual dimension. Thus, God’s revelation of the spiritual relationship to the material as recorded in the Bible is essential to unlock the mysteries of life.

Because it is the Word of the Creator, the Bible is congruent with the laws of the natural universe as well as being an integral part of it. The words and structure of the Bible are interwoven within this single fabric of reality so as to reveal the scientifically undetectable aspects of time and eternity. The hypothetical conclusions drawn from studying the Bible through the methodology of a scientist are presented in the books found on this web site. The author believes that his observations may prove to be more reliable than any theological dogma or speculation.

Since the material world images the spiritual, we can explore ultimate reality with the Bible and science to guide us. The test of our grasp of ultimate reality is revealed in a comparison of our proposed picture of God’s Plan for Humanity by comparing it with how the present transforms prophecy into history. For all of humanity, the ultimate crucible that will test each individual’s, each religion’s, each society’s, each nation’s and the global collective’s beliefs about the ultimate reality of divine eternity is the Apocalypse, Last Days or Great Tribulation of the Bible.

To most people, what is referred to as "Christianity" seems irrelevant to our modern world. Despite that understandable perception, we believe that the Bible has the answer to the big questions of life when it is unlocked by insights from natural science. By integrating scientific observations with a better understanding of human history, digital spirituality offers a valuable perspective in your search for spiritual meaning and purpose - for your own life and that of the entire planet. We pray that this support will encourage you towards living a life now that bears abundant fruit in the lives of your family and friends, as well as helping you along on your own journey into an eternity joyfully spent with the Creator who defines true love.

digital spirituality is a fresh approach to an old message derived from my study of the Israelite and Christian scriptures, which reveal the foundational truths and natural scientific principles utilized in the creation of the universe. This approach is first represented in the Garden of Eden by the two trees. The Tree of Life is the "Yes" decision, for it represents the spirit of pure light in which "there is no darkness at all." (I John 1:5) In the Bible this spirit is referred to as the "presence" or "fullness" of God. This "Yes" spirit is also called the Holy Spirit and is referred to as the pure Light or personified Eternal Life/Love inherent, the One Who is also transcendent of the physical universe.

Binary Dimensions, Binary Spirits

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the "No" or "Null" spirit empowering mortal and angelic life in the biosphere. It represents the emptiness, which is a state of death because its two equal components of light and darkness balance into nothingness like the Asian yin-yang symbol. The Great Deception has been to focus humanity's attention on the more readily accessible spirit of good and evil to the exclusion of the Holy Spirit of pure Light and incorruptible goodness of divine love. The deception lies in presenting the “light” or good side of the life force as being the only light of God and in hiding from human attention the one Holy Spirit of the God of Israel.

This deception has enslaved humanity to terrible suffering and an ultimate destruction. Illusions of power and eternity can be generated by distorting the life force even though it can only provide people with mortal life lived under an eternal death sentence of indeterminate timing. Consequently, most religious traditions consist of behavior-based rituals and techniques that try to battle or balance the evil side of us to a positive net experience of the immediate now. They ignore, distort or falsely claim the Holy Spirit of divine goodness and eternal life revealed in the life of Yeshua/Jesus. 

Thus, human life is naturally experienced as a conscious state measured by time but possessing no self-sustained future. It is an existence where every good has an inseparable, counterbalancing evil. The spirit essence represented by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is also referred to in the Bible as the "breath of life" shared by man and animals. It is by analogy compared to the air we breathe that empowers our physical biology or the life force that energizes our nervous and spiritual identity being.

The confusion and complexity of humanity's spiritual understanding derives from our own spiritual position in the metaphysical universe. Due to the events related in Genesis, our naturally received position in metaphysical reality is found solely within the null spirit essence; therefore, we lack the tools, ability and opportunity to discern on our own the spiritual orientation (identity of the power source and agencies) and functional mechanism of metaphysical phenomena as they occur. It is impossible for us to directly access on our own terms or comprehend the yes spirit of God by our own faculties, nor does our human nature possess the innate ability to easily and objectively sense or control even the null spirit of good and evil in a rational manner readily accepted by most cultures.

Instead of relying on revealed information from sources that can be trusted, we humans have followed our natural inclinations to rely on what we discover experientially: we try things out to see what works. This is a painful and confusing way to learn, and it is often fatal for eternity. Our incomplete success in understanding the spiritual dimension of the universe has given rise to a diverse set of conflicting and confusing theologies and spiritual traditions derived from differing cultural and individual experiences. Each focuses on the practices of their one slice of the picture so that a person can literally spend a life away in moving from one sliver of incomplete knowledge to another without ever coming to the fullness of truth or discovering that there is another spirit, the Holy Spirit of the God of Israel.

The facts upon which digital spirituality is based have been revealed from an external source possessing clear perspective of the metaphysical dimension - the Bible. Even with access to the biblical revelation we can at best only approach a description of the metaphysical due to the natural limitations of our brains and sensory organs. The Bible itself states that without the intervention of God’s Spirit, a person cannot accurately comprehend the spiritual messages of the Bible.

For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.

For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so the thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God.

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may know the things freely given to us by God, which things we also speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.

But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised. (1Corinthians 2:10-14)

Out of love God has attempted to communicate what we cannot naturally perceive about spiritual realities. His mission has been to deliver truths based on evidence and a purpose that lies beyond the vague yearning or potential for realization that we experience naturally. God accomplished that mission first by sending His Spoken Word in the Creation itself. Then He gave Israel His Written Word in the Law or Torah, and finally He came Himself in the birth, life and death of His Living Word made flesh, His Son, called Salvation, who is Yeshua in Semitic languages or Jesus in most western ones.

The other primary factor for our inability to clearly understand spiritual matters is due to the fact that, as in binary mathematics, the metaphysical chain of simple yes/no decisions describes a complex universe of created and evolving systems that interrelate and interact with each other multidirectionally during any single event or instance of time. To grasp what is occurring, we would be required to analyze or break down these complex metaphysical systems into discreet chains of unique factors that can be traced or followed in the direction of their impact or manifestation. This is not possible for humans, so we are forced to rely on external spiritual sources of information - many of which cannot themselves be trusted. Through the systems approach of digital spirituality, we can test the nature of the sources and generally predict outcomes of spiritual disciplines or exercises despite our human limitations.

Throughout the history of humanity, individuals have sought for spiritual knowledge outside of the context of the biblical revelation for various reasons - lack of access being one of them. We have also sought to control the spiritual powers extant in our world in order to make them work on our behalf - according to our desires and purposes, but people have mostly failed in their search due to a lack of objectivity of perspective. Survival and self-interest have blind-sided our research and practice of spirituality. 

Today, the preponderance of spiritual research is totally out of control and, combined with the advances in the physical sciences and general growth of population, we are careening towards the total destruction of our planet under the generic social ideologies of globalized of either secular materialism or mystical humanism. Prophetically, the most successful latter days’ delusion will look like Christianity but will instead worship a false god whose identity will not really be known. Once again, the Spirit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil will be presented as the "Holy" option to be worshipped due to its verifiable miracles, powers, signs and wonders. This last and greatest deception will come close to destroying all of humanity by violently pitting one nation and religion against another.

digital spirituality focuses on the nature of the two-part make-up of any three-element whole. The binary mathematical structure reveals key insights to how the spiritual world works and why. A systems approach to the structure of life in the universe simplifies biblical theology to the level of commentary. It is still subject to human misinterpretation and error but not to the same degree as elaborate theologies that obscure the power and meaning of the Bible with their many layers of human analytical and philosophic thought, imagination and speculation.

Yes, there is hope. There is a way to escape from this certain destruction and that is to exit the maze of the null spirit's ins and outs, twists and turns, lies and half-truths. Today, you may indeed enter into the realm of the true Spirit of Light by faith in Yeshua, Jesus, the One sent by the Creator God who revealed Himself through historical intervention and who promised Himself to Israel as given through the prophets and written in the Teaching Law and Covenants.

The God of Israel is the known God of the Jews. Your exit ticket has been paid for by Him on the tree of death, and it is executed through the forgiveness of all of the sin that binds and blinds you and all of us. "Repent,"  He says, "and believe the good news that in Me you may have personal access into the Holy Spirit of 'Yes', of Eternal Life inseparable from Love, Joy, Peace, and every good imaginable and beyond. So be it unto you."

[Taken from digital spirituality, Chapter 7.]

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