Legal Disclaimer


The social, cultural, theological and spiritual commentaries represent the best efforts of the author to express his views and perspectives on the Bible in the context of historic and prophetic time, but the information presented on this web site or in these books is not intended to constitute and should not be taken as any type of financial or legal advice.

First of all, I am only human and may be wrong when it comes to the specific facts mentioned or concepts developed in these pages that someone might use in financial speculation, for example. My methods of researching and understanding the biblical texts are founded on some basic assumptions that are either only discernable spiritually at this time or may turn out to be incomplete or wrong.

Secondly, I am not in a position to and do not intend to offer any type of advice about the legal and material affairs of any other person’s life. That is for each of us to do responsibly for ourselves as God leads us.

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