by Christopher J Patton


Still is the silence of my soul's Sabbath peace. Dead to self I'm
Receiving without works...
His Grace undeserved, but chosen by my willful death as did He.

My resurrection in Him follows as the first follows the seventh, the beginning does the end, the alpha does the omega, and the new man does the old.
Now alive in the abundance of His showered love, for the claimed bloody brideprice unwarranted, cleansed by His proffered death
I renew, clean, baptized in the water of His Holy Spirit, One now with God.
By what new name shall He call me, my beloved?

Invited, I accept His one and only way of escape, accepting the One of salvation as my very own Lord: Sovereign and Savior, Creator and Redeemer, my holy Lover and Husband, Jesus Yeshua Meshiachi, Melekh Yisrael, Ishi.

A wondrous day, since relived from time to time in testimony.
I live for Him in measured faith and wait, for He's promised to come (once the house is complete) when Our Father above has determined what is complete, fulfilled.
So He said. So I read in our contract; there, the one on the wall for all to see. It's public, you know, signed, sealed and delivered. As sure as His word, and there is no better. The price paid for me, in the blood of His life, is love's pure sacrifice. (There could be none higher, and it's for you, too. Yes, I hope that you'll be there with us!) Offered especially, personally, totally, completely and faithfully sealed and signed towards the day of our wedding. Such a feast there will be! You're invited......

Such gifts He gave me, His betrothed! Did I never tell you? Well, He did. I mean, He even gave me a wedding dress all in radiant white, the kind that will split the night as the dawn in His might. Too beautiful for words, but the fit's not quite right. I mean, I appreciate it, but that's a man for you: can't ever get a girl's size and shape right. I've got to do something about it....sometime. I guess,

Because I really want to please Him by wearing it. Yes, it's that gorgeous! Ideal, pure radiant splendor, fit for a queen, Israel's promised new City of Gold righteously alight with love foretold by the prophets of old, born of His grace made bold, toward us. We who believe, that is, and Yes, I do believe. Thank God for His mercy. Come, Lord!

Still there's this dress....
It sits in the closet. It just doesn't fit. I just can't see myself in it. Do I have to wear His dress? I did start to put it on a few times. My mother helped me, but I quit before getting too far. No, the material doesn't seem to stretch, but there's still time, I guess. Our house will be quite big, I'm told, so it's no surprise that it isn't done yet.......

Perhaps I'll make my own....mother would help me to......
Or better, let's see......maybe I can open this hem here, or add a little there -
Oh really, this cut right here just won't do.....
You know, look at me! Don't you agree?
You should have seen me try to get in it! It's more than a few sweets I need to give up,
and I would if it'd do any good!
Yes, I know you'd agree, but does He?

Of course, the contract is signed. With His life it was paid. He'd never demur or delay our marriage over a silly dress! Would He? I know that He loves me so well because He sacrificed all for me. So blessed am I by this Bridegroom!

He'll come in the night, in the clouds out of sight by star light, and He'll take us away into splendor, His Bride. It'll be dark. Do you think He'll notice? You know, the dress? I've been working on my own, a little each day. I haven't said anything to Him about it. It'll be my surprise to show Him how much I adore Him!

His dress? No, I could never... I mean it would take me forever to get down to that size, and I'm supposed to be ready each day. This is the only way I could possible hope to do so. True, it has been awhile since He left, and it may take some more time. Still, I know that He'll come for me when He should. But that dress in the closet? The one He sent me? I guess that I'll just keep it there either to show Him, should He come for a visit, or to give back to Him should He notice and ask about it. The one I have is much more practical for eloping at night - comfortable, with freedom of movement, and more subtle of color so as to blend in better with the background as we escape. Oh yes, I agree. My dress is more in line with the spirit of the historical precedents of our ancestral (though perhaps anachronistic) tribal heritage. Yes, that's what the professor said at school. The men used to really steal the women from clans or septs or the same tribe that were not too closely related. Something about preventing birth defects and encouraging genetic mixing.

Yes indeed, I'm wearing it right now. Every day. Well, like I said: it's more practical. I can do things in it as I while away the days and nights waiting for Him to come. The neighbor guys really like it on me, too. "Sexy'" they say. Oh, definitely. Well, I do get out a bit now to have a little fun. It's been so long.... Yes, just about anything I want, except, you know.... I'd never do that. I'M SURE that He'll like it when He sees it, too. All those men are alike in that way. His dress? No, no...I'm keeping it for Him, like I said, just in case. It's much too expensive to wear. I'm sure He can return it and get His money back. No, the only way I could ever fit in it was if He had some miracle corset or something, and who's going to tell Him to bring one?

I mean you don't think He expects me just to sit at home by the window and wait for Him, do you? Surely not. "He loves me," He said. Besides, He's a reasonable person. Just like, He surely wouldn't expect me to fit in such a small dress and just put it on like it is. I mean, if He were here to see me try to put it on........ Well, He'll understand. Sure I'd put it on if I could, but I know before trying that it's too small. Just look at it! Have you? Why waste the time? No, I've never actually tried it on yet. I started to a time or two, remember? I wouldn't be able to move a stitch in it - even if I could some how squeeze myself into it. No, mother would only ask me if I had, then I'd get it out of the closet and look at it a bit. Yes, she'd sometimes look at it with me. No, I've actually gotten fatter since all this waiting has gone on. I guess that I need to get out even more than I do already. More exercise, that's what I need. Those guys are always bugging me. I do like the attention. Then again, I've got to be honest with my self. Even with a great exercise routine, I could never fit into that dress. It'd take a miracle! No, why try to put it on?

It's gone! No, it's just plain gone! The dress, that it is......Of course, I told you that: I did get out a few times. Once I was out too late. Father and Mother were quite upset, but nothing bad happened. I just had to do something - have some fun. Waiting can be such a bore, you know. No, it's just gone. No note. No sign of break in. My marriage contract's still in the drawer, waiting. No, I haven't read it lately. It never changes, you know. It's written down, and the bride price has been paid. I used to read it a lot, so I know what it says pretty well, thank you!

Yes, I'm still wearing my eloping dress! What? You don't say! That mousy gal who used to just sit at home and wait? She's gone? Well, well...maybe my day's coming soon, too. You say that she starved herself to fit into it - just to please Him? That must have taken a long time; she was no thin thing either! Even then her dress was too small, you say, but some how it fit when she tried it on? Well, well, to think of that! Now THAT's different! Maybe I SHOULD try to put on my Bridegroom's dress in the closet.

Oh. I forgot. Too late. It's gone now...........

When will I see my Lord? I do hope He likes the dress I've got. To buy one even close to the one He sent over will cost dearly.......very dearly, I'm afraid. I must have missed Him, I guess.

Now what? Where will I ever find the gold I need to buy it? My blood? That's not fair!, no.......I'm sorry.

If that's what it takes to keep the contract intact. Thank-you, Father! Thank-you for grace again given to just be with Him forever. I know that I've missed a lot, but thank-you for what is to come! It's been worth the terrible price I've paid, though small and unworthy it was. I deserved it. He didn't, and look at His price paid for me! Sadly, oh woe, but gladly I paid mine, high cost though it was. Others did not: the ones there outside... bitterly lost, futile and empty, unknowing the bliss blessings, forever -


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