Needed: A Go-Ahead Compass

by Christopher J Patton


Sadness is an illusion
That’s too real.
Is it real, what I feel?
Or is it biochemical confusion?

“Be sure you’re right, and then go ahead,” said Davy Crockett,
When the world was simpler. Back then you could grin down a bear.
If he said it today, this sound bite would be so commercialized it would mesmerize Manhattan into a concrete jungle of atomic projection.
Such is the reality of consumer consciousness, of a society sold on goods that are promised to provide human happiness - to all who pay up to grin and bare it.

Happiness is an illusion.
That’s too unreal.
Is it real, what I feel?
Or is it biochemical fusion?

Out of the well of the soul
One draws questions.
Good answers come on their own, freely flown in on the wind,
Snatched from the breeze that blows from antiquity on into eternity.
But answers found within the soul all sell well,
And everyone buys ‘em for broke, being already broken not knowing it.

Every now and then I still walk through the trees,
And there I find Davy giving out wind-blown compasses for free.
Right direction guaranteed! You can be sure.
Yes, Davy’s more real than feelings.


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