by Christopher J. Patton


The king's restitution of all things is really a revolution of all beings:

Beings of feelings
Beings of seeings
Beings of each's so different perceivings,
Of people.

Peoplous beings of hearts that are turning:

Turning from burning,
Burning from yearning,
For the peace that's transcending,

Transforming this peace of the king, offered once and for all

On a tree yet so tall
That it's shadow doth fall
On today's earthen ball,

Still, He is a king a ruler of everything,

Creator of heaven and earth.
And from His birth
We learned fruit's reality worth
A door.

A door to the new now Kingdom of Heaven,

God's realm begun here below:
To end all sorrow
Today and tomorrow
Believe and receive,

Life believed and received now is eternity's start.

Start with your heart;
I'll never depart,
Though the world fall apart.

Grace for all peoples and times:

For those that we know,
And those that will grow
In His knowledge and grace all aglow,
As One.

As one body, one spirit, one faith so we're near it

Near holy peace found in One:
The one fellowship of His dear Son.
Just as it once was begun -

Jewish and Gentile together in style

Biblically, certainly not pagan.
In thoughts and beliefs sung
In laughs and reliefs stung
By bitter remembrance forgotten,

Forgiven in one Son, Messiah, Redeemer,

Who comes to us yet
In prayer that is set
Before Him that's enthroned in forever,

Restored in man's mirth,

Pure from His birth,
And so Israel's promises honored
From scorn.

From scorn they have come,

Death's desire left undone,
To a land forsaken. Not broken
His promise, miraculous, begun
Land's renewal.

Renewal with people, brought without steeple

To a land so ancient, so bloody:
To soon be His Jubilee,
World's first little country,
Set free.

Free from first liar, the murderer oppressor,

Satan, man's main adversary.
Behind him lies misery,
Before him breathes tyranny,

Requested by those that are blind,

Blinded by lies grand
Received as truth's brand,
Instead of the death ban
It is.

It is, and it isn't. Forsaken at present,

Repent and be nascent
In life that's known ancient
And ever. His Spirit effervescent,

Unfailing, so trust it.

To live it, you must fit.
To His will submit:
For life's not worth it

Otherwise He'd have done

Without the risk to His Son
Of death, and of loss to His One;
A One that is many, a family of plenty, won
By love.

By love you shall know them,

Brothers Jewish and foreign,
Together they eat bread and wine,
Until the night He comes for them,
A call.

A call to His Bride, now gone His True Body

By grace so desired and divine:
She's faithful; He knows Her. (The sign
That dress that She wears says she's thine -
Holy, devoted.)

Wholly devoted to Thee, the way true to be

Reality. This way's given free
So embrace it now from me;
By faith you can now be

Restored Israel, not Babyl - not this realm of lies and of death.

But after His sword
Judges man's broken world,
With golden healing shall truth's rule be roared.
Yes, from His House in His City shall go forth

Lord, when?



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