I knew I’d found true love when…

by Christopher J. Patton


You shared with me the hidden treasure that is you.
Yes, I looked into the face of love today,
Eyes blue gold and lips that say,
I love you.

Sweetness I tasted, treasure enfolded,
A heart that beat with mine emboldened.
We live in love this moment, but
The dam has burst and won’t be shut.

The love of God does light your eyes,
A promise made to man who dies.
Not of passion – wasted, wanton,
But love, so tender, tasted, given.
Given without call for safety,
This is love that’s known as charity.

There is no end; there’s no beginning,
To what your kindness care has kindled.
A flash of youth, a touch of hope burns in my flesh –
Not mind’s purpose, not of being,
But joy that comes from caring.

O foolish man, gray hairs doth say,
But heart has won to head’s dismay.
In peace I rest, ‘tis but one day;
There is no hurry,
For this is love that has no fury.

Complete as one begun in flesh
Dressed out in white of colors many,
Both are One in spirit Body.
Joined forever in the Light:
Fused the Life created bright.

[Written in early June 1988, these words express my surprising discovery of true love. Through the ups and downs of married life together, we remain as committed to each other as when this poetry announced love’s discovery. The hope kindled then yet carries us towards the future’s unknown frontiers.]
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