What Is Life?

by Christopher J. Patton


What is life that it should so elude the tentacles of physical science? Biology is so open, yet unknown.

Power of the living pulses in the blood, rises in the breath, and arcs through the nerves of man and beast. Why?

Why is it so enduring, yet so fragile? Why is it so tenacious, yet fleeting. . .in a wisp of foggy shadow?

If it is so very bio, then why do men and women ever seek deeper secrets? If the power is material, if it is simply chemical physics, then why the mystery? Is it merely an array of facts yet unstudied? A kind of knowledge yet uncut by the sword of science?

I do believe that time will reveal, not. Life is more than the mere that appears; it is the conquest of consciousness over the concepts of cold calculation. It is the spoken genius of Creation over the dead ends of evolution imaginarily littered through the layers of limestone and lava.

Life defies the scientific search for sensory explanation, even as it deceptively yields itself open to the genomic theory and mapping so greedily engaged in by gaggles of corporate goons in lab suits. They seek the power of life falsely, and in the end, they shall indeed succeed in cloning a poor simulation, spiritually neuter.

Life is god to all natural humans and angels fallen in rebellion. It is the object of all focus and fantasy. It is the illusion of power purchased by the sale of transactional souls for a lie. Life is the fuel of the fallen stolen from the sons of Adam to whom it was given. . .forever.

Yet, life must end in death because of its evil pollution – sin. Oh. . . . agony. Oh poor tragedy. A humanity hidden from the true power that blazons obscurely, as fog is pierced by the desert sun in glory.

Yea, death is the true illusion one must suffer to discover life. The illusion of a true death is difficult to decide, impossible to fake, and invincible in eternal consequences. The ego evaporates but by miraculous choice, and a promised replacing with the hidden purity of true love, which is a forgiving truth, executed in justice and grace.

In the beginning man, Adam, chose wrongly and therefore, life as we know it has been good and evil. Death is the ultimate reality and the soul dreams it to be otherwise in wishful wisdom found wanting in true power eternal.

Life is in the blood and breath of man, but this life is a mixture indivisible of good and evil. Beasts also suffer for Adam’s choice and yet, remain innocent in the realm of the divine. Not so humankind, who is anything but.

“Behold, I make all things anew,” means that, that which is will cease. All that is will cease to be, which is to be conscious, which is to mean you and me, unless. . .

The life that we know is coming to an end. Its power is fading in a super nova soon to be born. Now is the eternity we must seize, and that eternity is the true Love unfeigned and untainted by the misery of evil.

From it alone shall be built the New Heaven and the New Earth, and this is the true power offered in the beginning, but ignored, unseen, and unvalued because evil was unknown, and being unknown, yet unforgiven by the washed blood sacred of the Son who is Salvation alone, Yeshua!

May the enlightened rays of the true tree open the eyes of your heart to the pure power of the Love Truth Joy Hope and Faith power of Eternal Life, for we yet suffer from seeking for the false power of chi, prana, breath, and spirit experienced.

Do not seek the spirituals of death masked as life, the light embraced with darkness, for such is the false power bought too dearly with a false sacrifice and a soul sent to destruction, a person replaced by a voidlet, greedy to gain its own abomination as what it seeks to be is empty.

Not so the sons and daughters of Adam who yet may choose in Messiah’s blood to be who they are in love eternal, expressed now in forgiven forgottenness of self. Turn from the known tree of good and evil and find the God Life unknown, unsearchable, in Him.


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