The Creation

The Song of Odomo

by Christopher J Patton


Beyond beginning was Abarin.
Abarin sang, and there was light.
Abar was life, and life was light.
Odomo born by light's new song hymn.Predawn there came a myriad shomsin.
Their lights reached down from Shomsar's height
To brighten blackness. Singing lights
Then bore the shomsin life's new song hymn.Abar looked down from heaven's window
To see Odomo newly born,
And sang within his heart forsworn,
A promised new song for tomorrow.He one day dressed Odomo red
With azure ocean, verdant plain,
Then mountains soaring, streams of rain,
Abar Odomo's surface molded.Before called council of Abarin,
All shomsin born before dawn stood,
"Ye shomsin given light for food,
Behold Odomo," said Abarin.Returned Abar, with star lords streaking,
Star servants wielding power, might.
Odomo! Onward! There, in sight,
Towards star Shomsar yellow, gleaming. Arrived, they waited on Abar's word,
To order Shomsar's empty worlds.
Abar then named twelve lords, one world,
With Abbolshoms Odomo's star lord.Abar set weeks, months, times and seasons,
Commanding shomsin lords to reign
Their charges wisely - not refrain
From serving new song's generations.And Abbolshoms was chief of shomsin,
Odomo given to perfect
And rule to light's life laws correct:
Odomo called to bear light's children.All beasts did answer Abbolshoms' song,
For shomsin rule by singing light
And feed on etherkayin - light
Beyond the speed, yet seen as song.Light food ether in the air sustaining,
All life, each plant, each beast of dirt to die
Ruled by shomsin made of light's star sky
An eternal governance maintaining.Throughout Odomo peace was reigning
When wickedness so dark arose
In Abbolshoms' star sung solos.
Abar, the light, straining, listening.How could it be? A star lord broken?
And not just any but the great
Star Prince Abbolshoms of late.
Now mighty still but Abbolshocksin.None brighter seen among the shomsin
Was Abbolshoms before he broke,
The leader in the shomsin yoke
Of service to the light, Abarin.


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